What to Expect on Your First Visit

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We are a mobile physical therapy service, this means we bring the clinic to you in the greater Jackson NJ area! We understand how sensitive it is to welcome a stranger into your home. We are here to provide answers to any questions that you might have regarding your appointment and care.

1. The Process:  

Dr. Julie Gray will arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time with the necessary equipment needed to best assess and treat your issue from home.  Typically, all equipment is brought into your home in one trip. Equipment may include a massage table, and a backpack and tote of miscellaneous equipment such as towels, exercise bands, and balance pad.

2. Set up:

Dr. Gray will take a few moments to get into an area of your home that you allow treatment to be conducted in. This area typically allows for enough room for the PT and the client to be comfortable to move around.

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3. The Interview:

To get a full understanding of your medical history and current issue, a thorough subjective assessment will be performed.  We feel this is a vital part of the examination process. We highly emphasize hearing what you have to say about your symptoms. Dr. Gray will listen, ask questions, and take notes to get a thorough understanding of your condition and your treatment goals. 

4. Assessment:

A series of tests and measures are performed to get to the root cause of your complaint. This may be to assess strength, balance, dizziness, range of motion and mobility restrictions. We are on your team. We will educate you along the whole process of the assessment so you feel comfortable and understand the reasons to these assessments.

5. Plan of Care Discussion:

Taking in all the information in the interview and assessment portions of the exam, Dr. Gray will have a conversation with you regarding your issue and discuss the best treatment options, and duration of care expected for you to achieve your goals. We work with you to educate you on your condition and recommend effective treatment and expected time to reach your goals. To understand more about what happens as you approach the end of your plan of care, click here for more information about our additional services. 

6. Treatment and Home Program:

Starting on your first day you will be given exercises, education and techniques to start implementing to addressing your goals. We strongly believe that consistency is a key component of your recovery and we make sure you are set up for success day 1!