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COVID-19 and Dizziness

COVID-19 & Dizziness Treatment in Jackson NJ

Many of the symptoms related to COVID 19 are now more researched and well published. Common complaints include shortness of breath, fatigue, cold and flu like symptoms but also dizziness!

It has been estimated up that up to 20% of Covid patients will report dizziness and 12% will report vertigo (room-spinning sensation).

It is hypothesized that Covid 19 may lead to dizziness for a few different reasons, most common are:

  1. The virus attacked the inner ear and caused a weakness to the vestibular system (vestibular neuritis)

  2. Ischemic (blood flow) changes to the vessels of the brain and the inner ear which compromises the health and responsiveness of the vestibular system

  3. Some medications can lead to damage to the vestibular system (ototoxicity)

  4. Bed rest and a period of inactivity can lead to weakness of the vestibular system

  5. Exposes underlying conditions that may previous been undetected or that the body was previously able to compensate for (vestibular neuritis/labrynthitis, vestibular migraine).

What We Treat

How We Treat It

We spend one on one time with you you during your initial sessions and follow ups to perform a thorough history of your symptoms and provide you with the most specific and individualized program for your areas of concern.. We perform a thorough evaluation of your balance systems (eyes, inner ear and joint sense) which may include the use of technology like infrared goggles.

The evaluation can inform us on the best treatment approach that will to get you better faster!

Treatment may include addressing dynamic balance exercises, head and eye coordination, exercises, strengthening, and manual therapy.

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