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Virtual Care

Best Virtual Vestibular & Physical Therapy in New Jersey

Are you curious how telemedicine might benefit you? Wondering how being treated virtually can really work to getting you on the road to recovery?

Just like our in person assessments, our telemedicine visits are 100% about you.  We understand that everyone may not be comfortable with having their healthcare delivered to their home in-person, however we don't feel like this should be a barrier to getting you the wellness you deserve. For this reason, we have developed a robust telemedicine platform that gets you the care you deserve, in a manner that is convenient, comprehensive, and individualized. This means that achieving control of your dizziness pain is not limited by distance, we are able to treat anyone in NJ virtually!

 In all your sessions, you have complete, undivided attention from the doctor. Telemedicine allows us the unique opportunity of treating you from home, without having to be in your home. Our exams and treatments are thorough and we walk you through the steps needed to get the most out of each session.  We create an atmosphere that makes you comfortable and helps you to see and understand your care.

At Piton PT our treatment strategies are always activity based, so while it may seem odd to perform physical therapy virtually, our philosophy is always about movement and lifestyle and less on hands on technique to equip you to be independent, which is makes telemedicine an excellent platform for taking control of your symptoms. 

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What We Treat

How We Treat It

Read more about what to expect in our comprehensive virtual care here.

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