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Imbalance and Falls

Fall Prevention In Jackson NJ

Our balance system is a complex set of different inputs that all need to work together to stabilize us for walking, standing, and transitioning from one position to another. This includes our visual system (eyes), our vestibular system (inner ear), and proprioception (joint sense). 

We often take our balance for granted when these systems are not working as one unit. You may realize you have more difficulty with walking on your uneven driveway to get your mail, unsteadiness when standing on the grass when you at your grandchild's soccer game, and off balance when you stand up too quickly when you hear the door bell ring.

Poor balance can be extremely fatiguing and sometimes dangerous leading to falls and potential for injury.

 Symptoms that may accompany  unsteadiness can include dizziness,, vertigo, hearing and vision changes, and difficulty with concentration and memory.

What We Treat

  • Unsteadiness and difficulty with walking or standing

  • Dizziness and imbalance with quick transitional movements

  • Fall prevention

  • Muscle weakness

  • Fatigue

  • Home safety

  • Maintaining independence

  • Assistive device training (cane, walker, rollator)

How We Treat It

Dr. Julie Gray will perform a thorough assessment of your balance systems during your one-on-one evaluation to determine which system(s) are effected. 

Treatment can include:

  • Dynamic and static balance training on a variety of surfaces to always challenge you!

  • Posture training

  • Visual and Vestibular integration (improving the signals from your eyes to your inner ear)

  • Improve your processing of conflicting sensory input (maintaining your balance when watching something that's moving).

We will work with you to discuss a treatment plan and schedule that fits our recommendations and fits your busy schedule! We provide quality one on one follow up treatments through the convenience of telemedicine so we ensure there is no time missed from family functions, work obligations, and personal commitments! 

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