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Home Exercise Video and Instructions For BPPV

This page is designed to help our current or former clients through aspects of their home exercise program for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). These are self maneuvers for helping resolve a specific cause of vertigo symptoms. These videos are for educational purposes ONLY and they do not substitute the need for medical care.

 Each of our programs are developed and designed specially for each client. Through thorough evaluation and assessment, we can gather information about the cause of BPPV and prescribe the right technique. 

If you are suffering from vertigo, it does not mean these maneuvers are appropriate for you. It is important to be evaluated and instructed in performance of the maneuvers only by a skilled provider who is trained in treating vestibular conditions.

We are happy to help assist with any questions that you might have about treating and managing vertigo symptoms!

What if I don't feel comfortable to do this on my own?

That's OKAY!

We do not recommend that all our clients suffering from BPPV perform these techniques on their own. We only recommend it to clients who:

1. Demonstrate signs and symptoms of BPPV who will likely respond positively to these maneuvers

2. Feel comfortable to perform it on their own (and/or with a family member or friend to assist them).

3. Have demonstrated good understanding of the techniques and instructions with us IN PERSON (or virtually) FIRST.

Do not perform these techniques if you do not feel comfortable with them, or if you have not been instructed to perform them.

Why was I only instructed in one particular maneuver?

BPPV typically only effects certain parts (canals) of the inner ear. Each maneuver is individualized to target a specific canal. Performing a technique that targets the wrong canal for your symptoms, likely will not help in improving your symptoms.

There are many different approaches depending on where the issue is in the inner ear, that is why it is important to only perform the technique instructed by your physical therapists. 

What should I do if my BPPV comes back?

If you were symptom free from vertigo, but it has returned, you need to contact us.

It is possible for BPPV to reoccur, however BPPV is very treatable and responds very well to specific maneuvers.


However, it is important to be reassessed to determine whether the BPPV is now effecting a different canal or even effecting the other inner ear!

What should I do if my symptoms are not improving?

It is normal for these techniques to illicit symptoms while performing them.

Symptoms may be intense, but should resolve quickly, typically less than one minute.

The maneuver should become less intense each time you perform it.


If you feel like it is not helping or making symptoms worse, you need to contact us at 732-691-4681

How Many Times Should I Perform this technique?

It is recommended to perform the technique you have been prescribed:



What precautions should I take after I perform the technique?

Continue with your daily routine as you would normally. 

If you feel more comfortable, you can sleep with your head slightly elevated for the first night. However, after that sleep in your normal comfortable position.

Throughout the day move your head and neck to prevent stiffness and encourage stimulating the inner ear!

Left Modified Epley

Right Modified Epley

Right Appiani

Left Appiani

Right Semont

Left Semont

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