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Physical Therapy

Your journey to defeating pain starts here. 

Have you ever experienced the old-fashioned style of physical therapy where you lay on the treatment table, get 15 minutes of a heat pack and electrical stimulation, 15 minutes of massage, and then to then get passed around to some aide or tech to do exercises that you can do on your own... 

Well, get ready for a completely revamped version of physical therapy!

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Full Body


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Hands- On


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Our head-to-toe analysis is the most evidence based way of getting to the root cause of your condition.

We are equipped with everything from cupping, myofascial release techniques,  joint mobilization, and more! Better yet, we teach you ways to replicate the techniques at home for long lasting relief!

Get ready to be an active participant in your recovery process. We believe your rehab should mirror the activity you are trying to get back to. Our goal is to make you even stronger and more confident than prior to your injury.

Before starting physical therapy with us, we offer a
30 minute Complementary Movement Analysis!

This is an opportunity to start getting to the root cause of your condition, get to know Dr. Julie, and for Dr. Julie to get to know you so you feel totally confident before making any decisions.

Contact us to schedule!

How We Treat It

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Phase 1


You need a solid foundation for long term results. Here, we prepare for movement by educating you about your condition, address range of motion, joint mobility, and soft tissue flexibility in your session. We provide you with the right strategies, so that you can begin to feel more normal again and maintain your progress

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Phase 2


During this phase, we will build from your results from phase 1, so that you can tolerate motion and daily tasks without symptoms. In this phase, we are STABILIZING your joints and STRENGTHENING your muscles.

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Phase 3


This is the most important phase and where the real magic happens! Here, we are testing your body's capacity through graded loaded exposure, challenging your systems in simulated and real life environments to feel independent, confident, and excited to do the things you love without pain! In this phase we work towards weaning clients away from our services gradually so you maintain your progress and gain independence and control!

  • What is vestibular therapy?
    Vestibular therapy is a type of physical therapy that helps to improve balance and reduce dizziness and vertigo and concussion symptoms. It involves exercises that focus on improving the coordination of the eyes, head, and body movements to improve function and reduce dizziness. At Piton PT, Dr. Julie has advanced training in vestibular therapy to create a personalized program to help you regain balance and reduce symptoms associated with vertigo, dizziness, headaches, or concussion symptoms.
  • What makes vestibular therapy different at Piton PT?
    We know how you feel. You are fed up with being pushed around from doctor to doctor, with very little action steps and just more and more testing without any answers. It feels like no one really knows what's going on and you wait around for weeks or months hoping to finally get some answers to what you are suffering with. We've been there and we sought out to do things differently. Dr. Julie herself has struggled with vestibular migraines for years. She watched members of her family also struggle with vestibular conditions that went mismanaged and undiagnosed for years. So we sought to do things different at Piton PT. Instead, we treat you like an individual, not just a name or a number on a chart. We spend the time to get to know you, so you never feel rushed or hurried without clear explanation of the next steps. Each of your sessions will be at least 60 minutes all with Dr. Julie. Dr. Julie treats all of her clients one-on-one for their entire episode of care with no aides or techs. You will be provided with a unique home program in an app with videos and clear instructions so you can maintain and gain progress from session to session. We use a wide variety of approaches which can consist of grounding and pacing, head and eye coordination and dynamic balance exercises, and education. Dr. Julie has advanced training in vestibular conditions. Click below to read more about Dr. Julie credentials and approach to physical therapy and wellness.
  • Do I need a referral for vestibular therapy?
    No. New Jersey is a direct access state for physical therapy, which means you do not need a prescription or a referral from a physician to begin physical/vestibular therapy services with us. Rest assured, we are expertly trained to identify "red flags" in our examination. If we perform our evaluation and feel like you are in need of other or additional services, we will refer you to the appropriate provider.
  • What is the process to get started?
    We begin every prospective client with a phone consultation. This is an opportunity for you to get to know Dr. Julie, but also for her to get to know you. From there, we offer a risk-free 30 minute Complementary Movement Analysis (either in-person or virtually). This is where will start taking the deeper dive into your history, movement patterns, and body mechanics. We will continue the discussion of what it would be like for us to work together and, if interested in moving forward, schedule you for your 60 minute evaluation. To get started with your phone consultation, book online below or feel free to give us a call or text at 732-691-4681.
  • Where are you located?
    We understand that many individuals with vestibular conditions struggle with being in the car or traveling to see providers. But, will feel strongly that this should not limit your access to quality care, so we have developed a robust virtual platform. We also host our clients through a hybrid program (mix of in person and telemedicine). We currently treat patients for their in-person sessions at two convenient locations depending on their needs and goals. Location 1: Versus Fitness 100 W Veterans HWY STE 2 Jackson NJ 08527 Location 2: Wyatt Rehabilitation 504 Aldrich Road Suite 1E Howell NJ 07731 Contact us at 732-691-4681 to learn more!
  • How long is each session?
    Each session will be one-on-one for Dr. Julie for at least 60 minutes whether in-person or virtual.
  • I've tried vestibular therapy before and it didn't work, why will this be any different?
    Take some time to ask yourself the following questions: Did your PT take a whole body approach? or just focus on the area of your symptoms? Did your PT find and treat the root cause? Did you spend 100% of your session spent 1 on 1 with the PT? Were your exercises and program being progressed? Or did you spend time doing the same program at home or in the clinic over and over again? Did you have supervision and accountability with your PT? Did you feel like your real goals were being addressed and achieved? Did you discuss emotional factors that can effect your physical condition? Did your PT provide an in-depth understanding of your condition, potential triggers, and home remedies for self-management to avoid aggravation during the healing process? Was there a way of getting in touch with your provider directly through email, cell phone, or text? Was the plan for each session and your plan of care reviewed regularly? If the answer to any of those questions was "No". Then we are sorry that physical/vestibular therapy has failed you in the past, but we are happy to explain why we believe our approach is the care that you really deserve. Contact us to get started! 732-691-4681
  • What kind of support or guidance will I have outside my session time?
    You will have 24/7 support. You will have access to an app with individualized instructions, videos, and education about your condition, exercises and treatments. Additionally, Dr. Julie is available to you via text, call, or email as needed for your questions and concerns to help walk alongside your process every step of the way. Dr. Julie strongly believes that rehabilitation is a team approach with patient and provider working together. Effective and frequent communication between the team members assists you in reaching your goals faster!
  • What's assessed in vestibular therapy?
  • Will vestibular therapy make me feel worse?
  • Do you take my insurance?
    We will gladly explain our insurance options during your complimentary consultation or over the phone. Every plan of care is unique. Based on the findings during your initial evaluation and your goals, your we will discuss what route of action will work best for you. New Jersey is a direct access state for physical therapy. This means that a prescription is not required to begin services. We will discuss your specific case with you at your consultation. Give us a call today at 732-691-4681, or schedule online to set up your consultation.
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