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Vestibular Neuritis and Labrynthitis

Dizziness and Vertigo Relief in Jackson New Jersey

Have you or a loved one dealt with a sudden attack of vertigo?! One second you are sitting there minding your own business and BAM! The room is spinning violently and no matter what you do you just can't make the symptoms go away!

This can be really scary, it may lead you to going to the hospital or ENT office. Once your symptoms have stabilized, you will require vestibular therapy to bring harmony back to your balance systems.

Vestibular Neuritis is a viral inflammation of the balance portion of the vestibulocochlear cranial nerve. This can lead to an acute onset of vertigo lasting 30 minutes to several hours.

Labrynthitis, is similar to vestibular neuritis. It is a bacterial or viral infection that can be long lasting over weeks. The infection attacks the whole complex of the inner ear (called the labyrinth) which results in vertigo and sudden hearing loss.


  • Vestibular Neuritis

    • persistent vertigo

    • no hearing loss

    • rapid onset, severe rotary vertigo

    • can last from minutes to hours

    • severe imbalance and motion sensitivity

  • Labrynthitis

    • persistent vertigo

    • hearing loss

    • possible recent history of upper respiratory infection

    • sudden attacks of vertigo which may be prolonged (hours)

    • severe imbalance and motion sensitivity

How We Treat It

At Piton PT we understand how important it is to work with a collaborative team. With these conditions, it is important to be assessed by a medical physician, especially an ENT specialist to help stabilize acute symptoms of vertigo and prevent potential for hearing loss. The ENT may prescribe medication such as steroids or antibiotics to help manage inflammation in the inner ear and help target the infection. The ENT may also prescribe vestibular sedatives (like meclizine or dramamine) but it is important to start to taper off these medications to prevent developing compensations and further weakening your balance system. 

Once your acute symptoms are stabilized, vestibular therapy is critically important to strengthen your balance systems.

Think of it like this...

You went for a run and tore your hamstring. It would not be advised to take some medications, wait to feel a little better, and then go out for a run at your previous level of function. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY!

In the same way, after vestibular neuritis or labrynthitis, the inner ear part of your balance system has had an injury. To most effectively get you back to your previous level of function, it requires expertise and an individualized program to teach you what to do to strengthen it and what is recommended to prevent aggravating lingering symptoms (such as dizziness, light-headedness, or motion sensitivity). 

Vestibular Therapy (a type of physical therapy that targeted to help strengthen the pathways from your inner ear to your balance systems) is recommended for improving function and reducing lingering symptoms of vestibular neuritis and labrynthitis. At Piton PT, we understand that individuals with these symptoms may have difficulty with driving to get to an appointment, that is why we have developed a hybrid practice to help get you the expert quality of care you deserve all from the comfort of your home in New Jersey.


To learn more about vestibular therapy click here.

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