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About PitonPT in Jackson, NJ

You deserve better. 

I know how you are feeling... frustrated, misunderstood, and tossed around without an actionable solution for your condition. The longer you are suffering the worse you feel the more hopeless you become.

Then (if you do actually get some answers), it seems like the only solution is medication or injections. And you know this is only a band-aid solution for a deeper rooted problem,  but you don't know what to do about it.

You deserve better.

You deserve to be treated like an individual, to be heard, and to have a step-by-step action plan to get back to being yourself again.

Our Mission,

is to empower you to live a well balanced and active life by getting to the root cause of your dizziness and pain, treating it, and then training you how to manage and prevent it for the future!


You might have been told that you should never do lifting, squatting, running, biking, driving etc.  because of your pain and dizziness. But our approach is different. Because unlike many in healthcare, we will never tell you that "you cannot do 'xyz' ever again." If you want to squat, golf, lift weights, jump around at a concert, whatever it is we work with you as a team to help you figure out how to meet that goal! 

Our Approach

I know that you are more than your diagnosis or symptoms. 

 Our approach to physical therapy is different because I get what it's like to be sidelined by an injury or to be totally incapacitated because of a migraine and dizziness. 

I get what it's like to be shuffled around a medical system that looks at you like a number and a dollar sign rather than a human being with real symptoms and real concerns.

I also get what it's like to be busy and to need accountability to follow through on what's best for my health. 

Piton PT was created with the heart to provide quality care that is unmatched for conditions related to dizziness and pain. 

We felt like this was best represented through a piton (pronounced pee-taan), a type of anchor climbers use to stay balanced, protect against injury,  and make their goal of climbing to the top easier and achievable. In this way, we strive to help our clients achieve and maintain balance in all aspects of their life, protect against injury, eliminate their symptoms, and help them reach their goals and peak potential!

Mobile Physical Therapy Practice in Central NJ

How it works

You are an individual. You are unique! For this reason you need a unique and individualized approach to your care if you ever expect to get the long term results that you are looking for. 

We work different than your "normal" physical therapy office. There are no outdated approaches to your care. We believe that movement in medicine, and as the movement expert I am here to help you do that at your fullest potential. 

Every plans varies depending on how long you have been dealing with symptoms, underlying conditions, medical history, and your goals. Each case is different and we work with you to create a plan that is best suited for your long term goals. 

We won't waste your time on outdated, short term approaches, techniques, or exercises that you can do on your own.


I believe that my job is to create wellness for you that is lifelong and long-lasting.

During our initial evaluation we spend 60 minutes with you (just you). Getting to the root cause of your condition by performing a thorough history and full body assessment where we assess your movement from head to toe (not just your area you are seeking help for). From there, all of our follow-up sessions, whether in-person or online, will be 60 minutes, all 100% with the doctor for your entire session. You will have access via text, call, or email to the doctor for any questions you have. And, best of all, you will have an app with all your updated instructions to maintain your progress session to session. 

Typically sessions may be 1-2 times a week for the first 6-8 weeks as we work through our prepare and perform phases. As we approach our last phase, our perform phase, I am working with you to wean you away from this frequent level of care. Not because I don't like you :) but because I strongly believe that for true long term success, you need the tools to be independent in maintaining your progress. This is best done in both real and simulated environments over time! Not in an isolated clinic setting at "3x a week for 4 weeks" where you see the licensed physical therapist for maybe 15 minutes per session (if you are lucky).

The best way to know what a plan will look like for you is by booking a free phone consultation, this is the best way for you to get to know and learn more about our approach to physical therapy. 

Our Proven 3-Step


Piton Physical Therapy Logo
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Phase 1


We know you have questions and are here for all of them. We know how important it is to have your mind and body set up with the best foundation for long term results. In this phase, we are preparing your body for movement. This might include education about your condition,  teaching you grounding and pacing activities, or improving your range of motion and soft tissue flexibility.

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Phase 2


During this phase, we will build from your results from phase 1, so that you can tolerate motion and daily tasks without symptoms. It commonly includes things like strength and stabilization training, healthy motion training, body mechanics, or visual and advanced balance exercises all with the goal to restore better balance between your body’s systems.

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Phase 3


This is the most important phase and where the real magic happens! We are testing your capacity for movement and activities! Here, you will be challenged in real and simulated environments to transition you to feeling independent, confident, secure and excited to get back to the activities you love without worry!

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