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Hip Pain

Sciatic Specialist in Jackson NJ

At Piton PT,  we treat the root source of your hip  pain to get you and keep you active without medications or surgeries. We aim to improve your quality of life by improving your strength, flexibility, and balance to promote healing and a better balanced hip, pelvis, and lower back complex. By addressing areas above and below your painful region of pain, we get a full picture of how you move and function and can address any compensations at the source! To eliminate your pain faster and get you back to an active life! We provide you with the best, evidence-based treatments for your hip condition. 

Has hip stiffness and mobility problems limited your sitting tolerance at work? Do you have pain with walking for extended periods? Or maybe you have pain and stiffness when you first stand up but resolves after a few minutes of walking? Maybe you are suffering from groin pain with squatting? Or you might even find yourself unable to sleep comfortably on your side because of your hip pain?

There are multiple reasons and causes for hip pain and hip pain can refer to the groin, outer hip, and even to the back. 

What We Treat

  • Sprain / Strain

  • Cartilage Injuries

  • Labral Tears

  • Tendonitis/Tendonosis/ tendinopathy (issues with the tendons)

  • Ligament Injuries

  • Total Hip Replacement

  • Impingement Syndrome

  • Trochanteric Bursitis

  • Gluteal Medius Tendinopathy

  • Sacroilliac Joint Pain

  • Snapping Hip Syndrome

  • Pre-surgery Rehab

  • Post-surgery Rehab

  • Difficulty Walking

  • Bursitis

  • Arthritis

  • IT Band Syndrome

How We Treat It

We are the experts in figuring out the root cause of your issue and determining if the issue is coming from the hip joint, muscles, or referring from another area entirely.


We create an individualized treatment program to address the root cause of your pain and provide treatments such as: 

  • Full body screen and assessment

  • Joint mobility assessment

  • Manual Therapy

  • Stretching and mobility exercises

  • Strengthening

  • Endurance

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Functional and/or Sports specific activities

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