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Are you ready to be in control of your dizziness and pain?

Ready to get back to being yourself again?...

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We empower you to defeat your dizziness, concussion, and pain to live a better balanced and active life!

Physical and Vestibular Therapy
In-Person Sessions Available in Jackson, NJ

Hi! I'm Dr. Julie Gray,

Dr. Julie Gray, PT, DPT, OCS

owner of Piton Physical Therapy. I want to personally welcome you to Piton PT ! 

As an expert in vestibular and orthopedic disorders, I just want to share that you’re not alone, and I get that you can be feeling anxious, misunderstood, and feeling frustrated from being tossed around a traditional medical system who doesn't understand your symptoms.

In fact, not only am I an expert, I’m a patient myself. 

You see, I’ve been dealing with migraines for several years, and I grew up in a home where chronic dizziness and pain was a part of my family. Whether it be Ménière's disease, concussion syndrome, migraines,  BPPV,  neck pain, or sports injuries, I am not a stranger!

Our approach to physical therapy is different because I actually get it!

As someone who is passionate about being active and working out, I know how difficult it can be when you are sidelined for something that is out of your control.


We believe you must address the whole person, both mentally and physically, while balancing health with happiness to drive sustainable results that will last a lifetime.  Treating the root of the problem rather than managing symptoms with quick fixes. 

So this made me passionate to treat YOU not your diagnosis, listen to your complaints, your goals, and your concerns.  Our full one-on-one assessment and follow up sessions helps determine the root of YOUR issue, develop a treatment program that is specific to your body and your goals, and then leave you with strategies to prevent your symptoms from coming back

We were founded on principles of providing one on one personalized care for needs related to vertigo, dizziness, and pain in the most effective, evidence-based, and convenient care through our hybrid in-person and virtual treatment model. 

So take a look around our website and learn more about us! And feel free to contact me for your FREE consultation with questions to learn how we can guide you on your journey to wellness.



Whether it is in pain from my knee, ankle, or lower back, Dr. Julie has continuously given me medical attention that is above and beyond. She takes each injury in context and treats my whole body to help me with specific pain while also giving me preventive care through advice and exercises. She is always eager to help and thoughtful in her follow-ups. Highly recommend!! 

Sarah S.

3  Solutions To Resolving Your Vertigo And Dizziness Without Pills or Surgery
3 Solutions To Resolving Your Vertigo And Dizziness Without Pills or Surgery
The "Dizzy" Migraine Ebook
The "Dizzy" Migraine: what you didn't know could actually be causing your dizziness


Our Process

Our Proven 3-Step


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Phase 1


We know you have questions and are here for all of them. We know how important it is to have your mind and body set up with the best foundation for long term results. In this phase, we are preparing your body for movement, this might include education about your condition,  teaching you grounding and pacing activities, or improving your range of motion and soft tissue flexibility.

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Phase 2


During this phase, we will build from your results from phase 1, so that you can tolerate motion and daily tasks without symptoms. It commonly includes things like strength and stabilization training, healthy motion training, body mechanics, or visual and advanced balance exercises all with the goal to restore better balance between your body’s systems.

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Phase 3


This is the most important phase and where the real magic happens! We are testing your capacity for movement and activities! Here, you will be challenged in real and simulated environments to transition you to feeling independent, confident, secure and excited to get back to the activities you love without worry!

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