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Are you ready to be in control of your dizziness and pain?

Ready to get back to being yourself again?...

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We empower you to defeat your dizziness, concussion, and pain to live a better balanced and active life!

Virtual Physical and Vestibular Therapy 

Hybrid In-Person Sessions Available in Jackson, NJ

Hi! I'm Dr. Julie Gray,

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Dr. Julie Gray, PT, DPT, OCS

owner of Piton Physical Therapy. I want to personally welcome you to Piton PT ! 

As an expert in vestibular and orthopedic disorders, I just want to share that you’re not alone, and I get that you can be feeling anxious, misunderstood, and feeling frustrated from being tossed around a traditional medical system who doesn't understand your symptoms.


In fact, not only am I an expert, I’m a dizzy patient myself. 

You see, I’ve been dealing with vestibular migraines for several years, and I grew up in a home where dizziness was a part of my family. Whether it be Ménière's disease, post concussion syndrome, migraines, or BPPV, I am not a stranger!

Our approach to physical therapy is different because I actually get it!


This made me passionate to treat YOU not your diagnosis, listen to your complaints, your goals, and your concerns.  Our full one-on-one assessment and follow up sessions helps determine the root of YOUR issue, develop a treatment program that is specific to your body and your goals, and then leave you with strategies to prevent your symptoms from coming back. No cookie cutter treatments here.

We were founded on principles of providing one on one personalized care for needs related to vertigo, dizziness, and pain in the most effective, evidence-based, and convenient care through our hybrid in-person and virtual treatment model. 

So take a look around our website and learn more about us! And feel free to contact me for your FREE consultation with questions to learn how we can guide you on your journey to wellness.


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Whether it is in pain from my knee, ankle, or lower back, Dr. Julie has continuously given me medical attention that is above and beyond. She takes each injury in context and treats my whole body to help me with specific pain while also giving me preventive care through advice and exercises. She is always eager to help and thoughtful in her follow-ups. Highly recommend!! 

Sarah S.

3  Solutions To Resolving Your Vertigo And Dizziness Without Pills or Surgery
3 Solutions To Resolving Your Vertigo And Dizziness Without Pills or Surgery
The "Dizzy" Migraine Ebook
The "Dizzy" Migraine: what you didn't know could actually be causing your dizziness

Our Approach

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At Piton PT, we strive to provide quality care that is unmatched for conditions related to balance, dizziness, and pain. 

We felt like this was best represented through a piton (pronounced pee-taan), a type of anchor climbers use to stay balanced, protect against injury and falls, and make their goal of climbing to the top easier and achievable. In this way, we strive to help our clients achieve and maintain balance in their life, protect against falls, eliminate their pain, and help them reach their goals and peak potential!

Mobile Physical Therapy Practice in Central NJ

Our Mission,

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is to empower you to live a well balanced and active life by getting to the root cause of your dizziness, imbalance, and pain, treating it, and then training you how to manage and prevent it for the future!


You might have been told that you should never do lifting, squatting, running, biking, driving etc.  because of your pain and dizziness. But our approach is different. Because unlike many in healthcare, we will never tell you that "you cannot do 'xyz' ever again." If you want to squat, golf, lift weights, jump around at a concert, whatever it is we work with you as a team to help you figure out how to meet that goal! 



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Have you been avoiding that family road trip due to car sickness and motion intolerance?  Are you frustrated about feeling sick of being dizzy when walking in the grocery store?  Have you been losing time from work because your headaches are leaving you unable to concentrate at your computer?

We hear this all the time. In fact, many clients of ours have suffered MONTHS or YEARS before finally getting the right help. Read what Sarah had to say about Dr. Julie:




Our hybrid model includes a one-on one 60-90 minute individualized in-person evaluation session in Jackson, NJ with Dr. Julie Gray. 


Your initial evaluation will be in person, where we use state-of-the-art technology along with our specialized training to identify the root cause of your condition FAST, so that we can design the right program and plan to help you take control of your symptoms and get your life back!


Your follow-up sessions with Dr. Julie are done virtually or in-person and ALWAYS one-on-one, and your personalized plan of care that Dr. Julie will design for you, will be closely monitored and progressed to ensure that you stay the course to the best outcomes. ​

The Piton Method:

Step 1 PREPARE:   We prepare your body and mind for anti-dizziness training by reducing your anxieties around your symptoms. This can include education on your condition, setting you up with proper balance hygiene, and symptom tracking. We provide you with the right strategies, so that you can begin to feel more normal again.  This sets us up for a strong foundation for step 2.

Step 2 PROGRESS:  This is where our anti-dizziness training comes into play! During this phase, we will build from your results from phase 1, so that you can tolerate motion and daily tasks without symptoms. It usually includes things like head and eye coordination, healthy motion training, visual and advanced balanced exercises to restore better communication between your body’s balance system.

Step 3 PERFORM: this is most important phase and where the real magic begins to happen! Here, we train your balance capacity, challenge your systems in simulated and real life environments, and transition you to feeling independent, confident, and excited to do the things you love without worrying about having another dizzy episode!

Life is meant to be enjoyed! Don't sacrifice your lifestyle for problems that can be fixed. Life is too short. So, take control of your dizziness, imbalance, and pain, and discover how wonderful wellness can feel!

"After a horseback riding fall, I was dealing with some major post-concussive symptoms for several months. Dizziness, difficulty concentrating, you name it. After several sessions with her I am already seeing huge steps forward. Compared to other PT's I'd previously seen for the same complaints, she is much more knowledgable in this space and has me seeing improvements quickly. Highly recommend!"

Our Process
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