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Treatment for Dizziness and Vertigo in New Egypt, NJ

Are dizziness, headaches, or vertigo holding you back from enjoying your favorite activities? Do you feel limited by stubborn pain that never seems to go away? Have you been frustrated by a lack of results from treatments that you’ve tried in the past? Discover how premier physical therapy in New Egypt, NJ can help you take your life back!


Problems like dizziness and chronic pain can change the way you move, limit your personal life, stop you from working, and make you feel lost in life. Even worse, dizziness and vertigo can make even the most basic tasks - like getting out of bed in the morning - uncomfortable and overwhelming. At Piton PT, we think there’s a better way!

To get the best results possible from your physical therapy in New Egypt, NJ, you need to work with experts who treat you, not your diagnosis. With a personalized and holistic approach to dizziness and chronic pain, you can finally get results that matter for your vestibular therapy in New Egypt, NJ. As a patient at Piton PT, you’ll get a personalized treatment plan with ongoing coaching and support to help you reach your activity goals easier than ever.


Treating Dizziness, Vertigo, and Beyond

Dealing with stubborn vertigo, pounding headaches, or chronic pain? We specialize in helping you feel better, become active again, and enjoy your life on your own terms. Here are just a few of the conditions that we help our patients with at Piton PT:

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Problems like chronic pain, vertigo, and headaches can seriously impact the way you live your life - but they shouldn’t have to! With modern, evidence-based treatments tailored to your needs, you can finally get the results that you want with coaching and support every step of the way during your recovery. Without the constant worry of flare-ups, you can start to enjoy more of your favorite activities again!

Personalized Care From Start to Finish


Every person is unique, so every treatment plan should be too. At Piton PT, we focus on the root cause of your problem, not just your symptoms. Once you understand the root causes of your condition, you can start making meaningful progress and regaining your confidence for the long-term.

As leading experts in providing everything from solutions for dizziness to treatment for headaches and migraines in New Egypt, NJ, we want to help you get better (not just your condition). On day one, you can count on us to talk with you about your needs and figure out how we can work together as a team to accomplish your biggest goals.


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Physio Shoulder Treatment.jpg

Here's a preview of what your first appointment will look like


  • Comprehensive 1:1 interview to learn about your health history, lifestyle, personal challenges, and future goals.

  • Detailed physical assessment to discover the root cause of your symptoms.

  • Treatments based on your assessment findings that meet you where you’re at and focus on your biggest priorities first.

  • Education on helpful techniques to improve your symptoms and feel better while we work as a team to address the root cause.

  • A detailed action plan with your next steps to beating your symptoms for good!


During your first appointment, Dr. Gray will spend 60-90 minutes with you to discover your needs, find strategies for getting your symptoms under control, and work with you to build a plan for long-term success. At Piton PT, you can finally be treated as a whole person and get the support you need every step of the way during your recovery. 


As a leader in treatment for dizziness in New Egypt, NJ, as well as headaches, concussions, and joint pain, we want to see you fully recover from what’s holding you back and live your life to the fullest again.

Busy Schedule? We’ve Got You Covered

We were founded on the goal of offering one-on-one, personalized care for dizziness, headaches, and chronic pain in the most effective and convenient way possible. For many of our patients, making time for appointments is one of the biggest barriers to getting the right treatment when you need it most.


Making time for your appointments and arranging transportation can be challenging, especially with a busy schedule or difficulty getting around. To better meet your needs after your first appointment with us, Piton PT offers virtual follow-up appointments so that you can continue your treatment from the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of getting to and from appointments in the middle of your day.

Whether you’re living with vertigo, migraines, a concussion, or stubborn joint pain, you can finally get the help you need with the best physical therapy and vertigo treatment in New Egypt, NJ to regain your confidence and get back to doing what you love!

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