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How can virtual physical therapy help me?

Virtual Physical Therapy in Jackson NJ

As our world transforms more and more daily into a virtual setting, you may have experience seeing a healthcare provider through a telemedicine platform or you may be curious about its benefits. Telemedicine was originally designed as a way for people living in rural areas to have more access to care. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter in place orders have ignited telemedicine platforms to all clients in all different areas of the country in both rural and suburban areas due to safety and convenience.

Virtual care allows you to connect to providers who may be unaccessible otherwise. It allows full access to your provider, so you don't put your health concerns on the back-burner because of time or distance limitations. With virtual treatments we can treat anyone in NJ!

So I know what you thinking... "Okay, a virtual checkup to see how I'm doing might be fine, but how can physical therapy but done virtually?"

Well, actually, virtual physical therapy can be effective and convenient!

At Piton PT, we make the process seamless:

  1. When you schedule your initial consultation you will receive an email for a checklist of what you will need for your virtual visit (like a laptop/ipad, a quiet area, etc).

  2. About 15-20 minutes before your session you will be emailed and/or texted a link with a passcode to access the video portal (all virtual sessions are secure and take place on HIPPA compliant software).

  3. Click the link, enter the passcode, and wait to begin your session with your provider.

  4. Your provider will login, see your smiling face, and you will be off onto your virtual journey of health and recovery!

At Piton PT, we pride ourselves in educating and providing you the tools to help improve your activity this includes a comprehensive exam and treatment strategies.

Telehealth Physical Therapy in Jackson NJ

Through our virtual session, we are able to assess and treat your range of motion, soft tissue flexibility, movement patterns, screen your balance and vestibular systems.

Sessions can include pain reducing strategies such as self instructions for mobilization and soft tissue mobilization using some household items like a ball or towel, exercises for increased mobility and strength, posture and work ergonomic assessment. For those dealing with vestibular conditions such as, dizziness, vertigo, and concussion symptoms, treatment will include strategies for improving the coordination between your visual, vestibular (inner ear) and proprioception (joint sense) systems.

best physical therapy Jackson NJ

All material reviewed within session will be provided online via our virtual home exercise program, called Medbridge. This allows 24/7 access to all of your exercise instructions including videos and reminders!

So, what can't be done with telemedicine?

We know that each person is unique and has specific conditions and circumstances that would not make them appropriate for virtual treatment.


1. We feel like your condition requires more hands on technique than what you may be able to do on your own.

- this can include someone who just got out of surgery and may require more extensive hands on work to minimize scar tissue formation and improve range of motion and monitor for infection... these clients would benefit best from in person sessions

In home physical therapy

2. We feel like your condition may make you a high risk for falls

- We are balance and dizziness specialists. While many conditions of the vestibular system can be treated virtually with great success, for those who are not able to manage their balance independently or with help from a caregiver, it would be best to consider in-person options.

Virtual Physical Therapy in Jackson NJ

3. Difficulty with tolerating and managing a computer

- Some clients may have screen sensitivity or technology issues, which would not make virtual treatment a good option.

But....Does insurance even pay for this?

Each insurance has different policies for reimbursement for telemedicine. We are happy to check and verify your benefits prior to getting started. We offer a prompt-pay discount for our self-pay clients which allows telemedicine to be both accessible and affordable!

We understand that trying new methods of healthcare can be a big change, but we are here to provide you help each step along the way and guarantee you will be happy with your results! If you are considering virtual care for your health journey, we would love to chat and discuss the best treatment options for you!

Virtual Treatments for Dizziness in Jackson NJ

To get started or to simply ask more questions call 732-691-4681 or email

To schedule online go to:

and select "Online/Virtual Visit"


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